Our pricing for the team is a reflection on their time and experience within the industry. Alberts offers 3-4 pricing levels, based on experience and client demand for individual hairdressers. The upper tier of pricing represents our most qualified stylists with over 15 years of experience. The lower tiers represents the younger stylists on our team 

We are all committed to excellence, constantly upgrading our knowledge ensuring you get the best hair care services.



 Emerging talentSenior stylistMaster stylistDirector stylist
Ladies Cut & Blow wave (allow 60 mins) $67.00 $82.00 $85.00 $93.00
Mens Cut & Blow wave (allow 45 mins) $40.00 $50.00 $54.00 $59.00
Childs cut no blow-wave (allow 30 mins) $25.00 $32.00 $38.00 $55.00
Student cut & blow-wave (allow 45 mins) $50.00 $63.00 $69.00 $80.00

*additional use of heat styling tools (allow 15 mins)         please add  $10.00 



Blow wave  (allow 30 mins)   $45.00 $60.00 $75.00
Blow wave - after colour (allow 30 mins)   $38.00 $45.00 $57.00
Blow wave Plus ( additional use of styling tools allow 60 mins)   $65.00 $75.00 $85.00

 Quick dry - after colour (allow 15 mins)                     $15.00         


The School Ball season is one of our most exciting times and we are full of creative ideas for your ultimate ball hairdo!!       


StylistKevin Murphy Session Stylist  
School Ball Hair $120.00 $150.00    
School Ball Makeup $75.00 $95.00    
Cinderella Package (Hair & Makeup) $170.00 $  215.00    


We understand that your wedding is one of the most special times of your life and we encourage you to come in for a obligation free consultation to discuss your expectations and your needs before you make any decisions. We have found through experience that bridal parties deserve a little extra time and TLC and we believe it is important for everyone involved that the experience is as enjoyable and as stress free as possible so we have allowed plenty of time in our packages

Bridal Hair $155
Bridal Makeup $105
Bridesmaid Hair From $115
Bridesmaid Makeup From $90

*Other options are available without trials or if you are looking for a simple blow wave or hair-up please contact us for your options.

* Wedding Party callout $ POA


If you’re after new, beautiful hair colour you need genuine, passionate and highly trained colour experts
Whether you want the latest techniques, a soft balayage, a head full of highlights or just to touch up your roots, we will fulfil your colour dreams. Alberts are a Colour.Me salon and offer you the latest in high performance, professional colour range without compromise.“What goes inside the tube is just as important as the colour it creates. The choices we made are PPD free, ammonia free and naturally derived ingredients like Aloe Vera, Honey, Shea Butter and Pomegranate.”

Base colour

All over semi/permanent/bleach


Fine / ShortMediumThick / Long
Re-touch ( new growth) $127.00 $138.00 $149.00
Global tint  (new growth and end refresh) $149.00 $169.00 $199.00

 On scalp bleach regrowth  inc toner                                     $215.00         $265.00          $295.00

Full head on scalp bleach (roots to ends)   inc toner           $285.00         $335.00          $410.00



Freehand hair painting (includes bonding treatment & gloss toner)

short hair                           $225.00

Medium hair                     $250.00

Long hair                           $275.00

Extra long hair                  $295.00



maintenance application

Top Section or scattered (10 packs) foils $  80.00 $  87.00 $  93.00
Half head foils $133.00 $144.00 $154.00
3/4 head foils $149.00 $159.00 $175.00
Full head foils $160.00 $175.00 $205.00
Top section (10) + global tint $180.00 $195.00 $205.00
half head + global tint $198.00 $215.00 $230.00
3/4 head + global tint $212.00 $230.00 $262.00
Full head + global tint $225.00 $270.00 $290.00



for an ultra light blonde (these are our back to back fine blended blondes)

1/4 head microlights                                               $150

1/2 head microlights                                               $195

full head microlights                                                $250

full head microlights redesign (roots to ends)      $350



A combination of free hand Hair painting & foils (includes bonding treatment & gloss toner)

face frameing                                                        $135

short hair                                                                  $250

medium hair                                                            $275

long hair                                                                   $295

extra long hair                                                         $315

Additional Colour

Gloss Toner  $ 60.00            
Partial Toner $ 35.00
Zone Toner $ 55.00
Dry Toner  $ 68.00

Tint Hairline

 to make your life easier between your regular colour service 
Tint full hairline $65.00
Tint front hairline and parting $78.00

  * Extra Colour surcharge                                                                                     $45                                      * Corrective colour     Price quoted on consultation only                                            


Treat yourself with our personalised range of scalp and hair treatments

 The Kevin Murphy experience  $48.00    
 Blonde Angel Treatment $40.00    
 Intensive nourishing mask $28.00    


Permanent Styling

Permanent curl $80.00 $100.00


 Permanent Keratin blow waveShortMediumLongExtra Long
We have chosen to use Kerastraight for our Keritan blow dry service, it has been independently verified as the only Keratin blow dry that is 100% formaldehyde and aldehyde free. Kerastraight has been designed to simultaneously repair and strengthen, and gives amazing benefits to all hair types, it is long lasting - up to 4 months. $400.00 $500.00 $600.00 $680.00


Our commitment to make you look and feel incredible doesn’t need to stop with your hair. Jane Iredale Mineral make-up is our choice of make-up brand which is available in store.

Call us now to receive a full make-up consultation or simply drop in to view and play with our Jane Iredale range.

Make up for day or evening $40.00
Special Occasion $70.00
Bridal Make-up $90.00
Party lashes $20.00
Lash tint $20.00
Brow tinting $15.00


As a courtesy to you we will make every effort to confirm your appointment 48hrs prior to your booking, we understand that there may be certain times when, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to keep your appointment. We do have a Confirmation Policy, in consideration to our time we kindly ask that 24hrs notice of cancellation is given. Failure to give us sufficient notice or to make a scheduled appointment may incur a fee of 50% of the service charge.

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