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Hair Extensions


In a society where fast results are hugely popular, the beauty industry has created and improved the ancient method of adding hair to your natural hair and making it look as natural as possible. Adding length is the most common reason people get hair extensions.

Alberts have partnered with Jimmysix, offering the Highest Quality 100% Human Remi Tape-in Hair Extensions. Our high quality tape adhesive is stable, non-damaging and safe. We have a multitude of colours available each pack contains 40 pieces to press together to make a sandwich, we recommend 2-3 packs for a full and glamorous look, this may change depending on the clients natural thickness, length and desired outcome. We have a full range in stock, so colour matching can usually we can usually be done without additional colour services by combining colours to create a highlighted or multidimensional look.

They have become a fabulous fashion accessory which allows us to fill in gaps, create highlights, create a fringe, indulge in a non-committal colour change, fix a bad hair cut or inject an up style with volume

We offer premium Russian hair extensions, applied specially by trained stylists. No short cut has been taken in finding high quality hair that feels amazing, looks fantastic and lasts. Natural hair health is our priority, which I why we only offer tape-in hair extensions. No metals, glues, or weaves that don’t dry. Our tape extensions are flat and discreet, we have our positioning specialised to ensure that you can tie your hair up in a high pony without seeing extensions, the extensions are evenly distributed over your natural had so there is no pulling in small areas. By placing extensions all over the head there is a larger surface area for the extensions to be secured by. This is how we manage to create long, thick hair without damage.


Hair extensions are not just about volume and length anymore.

Hair extensions have a reputation for being high-maintenance, damaging, and an extravagance best left to people who frequent the red carpet but we have tested a lot over the years, and we are a convert to tape-in hair extensions.
Simply put, they can create longer, thicker, shinier hair, can offer a revamp of style, can fill in the gaps or can be a low maintenance damage free way of accenting colour.

Jimmysix offers a six month warranty on their extensions with correct product use, you can complete your warranty form here at please keep a photo of receipt.  

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