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Keratin Smoothing Treatments

We at Alberts Hair Salon know how important your health and hair are to you. We promise never to use harsh chemicals and have the documentation to prove it, we have partnered with Cezanne, their Keratin Smoothing Treatments are 100% formaldehyde-free. They're also free from other aldehydes, all toxins and any harmful ingredients, yet are as long-lasting as other formaldehyde keratin treatments in the same category.

Our Promise to you!
1. No wait time for shampooing, exercise, styling and much more. Get smooth and get back to your life.
2. Style your hair how you wish following the treatment with NO RULES on the wait time.
3. Cezanne seals into the hair before you leave the salon, unlike other keratin treatments that need time to bond with the hair.
4. Cezanne offers keratin-enriched take-home products to help maintain the longevity of your treatment. A "try me kit"  is included in your service price to ensure that you have the best products to look after your new smooth hair.
5. Our smoothing treatment is 100% formaldehyde-free. It's also free from any other kinds of aldehydes and harmful toxins because your health is important to us.
6. Cezanne is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and won't release any noxious gases.

Deciding on what Keratin treatment is right for you !

Cezanne Express KERATIN Treatment for BLONDE HAIR

What should you do if you want a keratin treatment, but you want to protect your color-treated hair? You should use our keratin Express Treatment, which moisturizes your hair while strengthening the keratin complex in each strand. It works for all hair types, from straight hair to textured and curly hair. The Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment smooths and strengthens the natural keratin protein in your compromised hair for up to 8 weeks. If your hair is damaged by hair coloring treatments or too many styling products or heat, sunlight, and chlorine, this treatment is for you.

 Express Keratin Treatment

medium  $330 long  $370 extra long   $400

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Cezanne Instant KERATIN Smoothing Treatment

Instant Keratin Smoothing Treatment, this frizz eliminator has shorter process and service times than the Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment, but it de-frizzes your hair for up to 6 weeks.

Instant Keratin Treatment

FROM $85


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Cezanne Classic KERATIN Treatment

Are you looking for a way to tame frizzy hair? A keratin smoothing treatment could be just what you need. Cezanne’s Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment soothes all hair types, including straight, wavy, textured, and curly hair. Unlike hair straightening treatments, our formaldehyde-free hair smoothing treatments tame frizz while giving you styling options. Our Classic Treatment lasts up to five months on all hair types. During this period, you’ll have smooth, frizz-free hair. Our treatments reduce blow dry time by up to 50% 


Medium $380 Long $430 Extra Long or Thick $490

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Cezanne Ultimate Keratin Smoothing Blonde Treatment

Cezanne, understand that color-treated blonde hair care requires certain steps, such as toning. That’s why Cezanne developed the Ultimate Blonde Keratin Smoothing Treatment. This smoothing treatment for blonde or grey hair, uses blue-violet pigment to remove brassy yellow shades while still smoothing damaged hair. treatment Lasts up to five months

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Medium $400 Long $450   Extra long of thick $500 


The Fine Print

As a courtesy to you we will make every effort to confirm your appointment 48hrs prior to your booking, we understand that there may be certain times when, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to keep your appointment. We do have a Confirmation Policy, in consideration to our time we kindly ask that 24hrs notice of cancellation is given. Failure to give us sufficient notice or to make a scheduled appointment may incur a fee of 50% of the service charge.